t.a.i.l.’s mission is to produce a variety of creative products and offer a wider variety of creative, organizational, and business services solely by Samson and also collaboratively with other artists, groups, and organizations out there in the world.  Through these creative projects to have a positive impact on humanity and the world as a whole in any way possible.

The long-term vision of t.a.i.l. is to grow into a well-managed small business that will continue to expand on its ability to produce creative products and services of a wide variety.  These products and services will always aspire to be of the upmost quality and offered at competitive prices.  The hard work ethic and quality Samson will produce working under t.a.i.l. will be the guiding principle and selling point for consumer and customer recognition.





- Music and video production

- Audio and video editing

-Audio repair

-Live audio recording

-Graphic art and design

-Event planning and organizing






-Digital Albums

-Physical Albums (SD memory card packages)